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indigoloveMy critical writer voice gets louder and harsher as the dates pile up between my entries on Daisies and Bruises. The less I write, the more ideas I have, and the more I reprimand myself for not writing.

There are so many rules I’m learning about writing an effective blog, but sometimes I feel like the most important part of writing a blog is simply allowing yourself to be human. Make mistakes. Connect with people, not Google stats.

Here’s a human story for you:

I was so inspired to make art last week that I tried breaking into my apartment after I locked myself out.

I live on the second floor. After buzzing my neighbours in my building to no avail, marching to my sister’s empty apartment and back, my desperate eyes glimpsed a lifeless ladder at the side of my house. It was unsturdy as fuck (see me letting go of my writer rules here!) but I laughed out loud and then climbed up the side of my house. Well, I went up the ladder halfway and then went down. Then I went back up and stood, half-hanging from my window ledge.

Digby barked at me from below, indignant that I’d simply tied his leash to a pipe and dared to reach heights I’d never reached at before.

I seriously considered ripping my window screen apart with my fingernails, but then stopped myself. I knew that would only ensure a night full of mosquitoes feeding on my flesh as I collaged past my bedtime.

So I climbed down and interrupted my intensely busy work-at-home neighbours.

“Sorry!” I whispered. “I tried breaking into my apartment and it didn’t work!”

I showed off my blackened palms and arms. Who knew the side of a house could be so dirty?

They let me take their portable phone outside (so not to interrupt their clients) and I called my dad to come to my rescue.

Here’s the outcome of that night:


KnowHope by Erin Schulthies

These pieces are going to be in a gallery starting tomorrow and lasting until August 2nd.

Please come for the reception this Friday at 7:30, at the Westland Gallery’s Square Foot Show! I’ll be there, as well as a bunch of rad local artists. It’s going to be awesome!

What can you do to express yourself today instead of self-destructing? I never ever thought my art would hang in a gallery but I’ve lived to see the day come. What are you living for? Take a baby step in that direction today, right now. Life is waiting.

Love Erin

ErinArt Show Inspiration

6 Comments on “Art Show Inspiration”

  1. John

    I liked reading your blog, liked reading this post. And wow, I loved the artwork you created. If I lived near the gallery I’d go for sure. Hang in there, Erin. You’re a good person and the world could really use more of those.

  2. Jan

    Hi Erin, I have liked and found comfort in your blog for quite awhille. Thank you for sharing it. I look forward to reading it. Jan

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