Trust: Art and Asking (inspired by Amanda Palmer)

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DaisiesandBruisesIssue5It’s Sunday morning, I’m watching a TED talk and I’m bawling. Sitting here in my pink cupcake pajamas, with my glasses on, no makeup, and a dog on my lap. And I’m crying good tears, tears of being allowed to feel and to hope and to ASK.

I make my living as an artist and my art is largely about shame. The shame of having a mental illness, the shame of not having a “real job,” and the shame that comes with vulnerability. In 2006 my shame was going to kill me if I kept quiet one second longer. So I looked my shame in the face and said, “FUCK YOU.”

And that’s where Daisies and Bruises was born. The title came from an Anne Sexton poem, and the content came from my heart. I started writing about depression, and how terrible it is. I started writing about loss and loneliness and fear. And I started selling my work in the form of a zine.

I now have four issues of Daisies and Bruises, and now (obviously) a blog. This Saturday, March 9th,  at the 8th Annual Indie Media Fair, I am releasing issue five of  my Daisies and Bruises zine. It will also be available through my Etsy Shop.

Why am I releasing a new issue? Because I have more to say than I can express online. I have to give you images with words, give you something tangible to hold. To put in your pocket and give you strength.

I am making my zine and asking for money with it. Money for printing costs, for the cost of my table, to make a living out of the only way I know how to interact with this world. Through art. I will also be selling other zines of mine, as well as one inch buttons.

I am asking for your money and I am giving you everything I have to give. As an artist it is my job, my duty, my passion.

So which TED talk made me cry? Amanda Palmer’s, of course. Her talk reminds me why I am proud to be an artist and why it’s more than okay to ask for what you need. Her talk reminds me that art is an exchange of trust, which is the most powerful of human emotions.

Amanda, you’re getting a copy of my zine, whether it is through snail mail or my next visit to Boston in September, or through my hands to yours as you crowd surf at one of your concerts. THANK YOU.

ErinTrust: Art and Asking (inspired by Amanda Palmer)

14 Comments on “Trust: Art and Asking (inspired by Amanda Palmer)”

  1. Anonymous

    I wish there was a “like” button on blogs, lol. Thanks for making this post and including the video

    1. daisiesandbruises

      There is one above, but you might have to be a signed-in wordpress blogger to “like it” that way. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with old-fashioned comments alone. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the post. :)

  2. destroythequeen

    Amanda has saved my life on countless occasions. She’s been a true friend, confidant, savior, inspiration and idol without ever knowing it. I wrote her an email once. About my life, my mum’s illness, my pain and other things. I never expected anything in return, but a few months later she replied. In her trade mark lower case text, she told me I am beautiful. That pain is real, pain is unavoidable. But suffering is optional. We suffer because we try to avoid the pain, instead we need to feel the pain. We need to feel the pain in order to let go of it.

    Just the fact that she responded, meant everything to me.

    Everytime I feel like my art is slipping away from me, I turn to Amanda (amongst the other idols and inspirations I have) and are reminded that art is all around us. In the air we breathe, the water we drink. Even people like Amanda have artists block sometimes. She teaches us that when that happens, every day is a new chance to create.

    Amanda is wonderful. You are wonderful Erin. I’d love to buy your zine. Where can I purchase it online?

    1. daisiesandbruises

      I forget your first name and I always want to use it when replying to your comments because you are such a great support of mine. I feel guilty! Please tell me your name if you’re comfortable.

      In the meantime, dear lovely destroythequeen,

      That is so awesome that Amanda wrote you back! I think that’s why all of her fans feel such a deep connection with her: she WANTS to connect. She retweeted my link to this post on Twitter yesterday and my blog got more visits yesterday that ever before. It’s so great that she not only is receptive to her audience but that she’s as admiring and respective to us as we are to her. That’s very rare in this world.

      My zine will be available online this weekend, through my Etsy shop ( If you want I can email you when it’s up! :)

  3. punkjoanofarc

    Oh, gosh. I’m so excited about Amanda Palmer’s TED talk. I haven’t seen it yet, but you might also like Brene Brown’s. She’s a mental health doctor who deals a lot with resiliency and shame.

    1. daisiesandbruises

      Oh, I’ve watched Brené Brown’s TED talks. She is so open and wonderful. It’s so brave to not only give a talk to such a wide and educated audience, but to follow up one’s talk with another talk reflecting on it, that’s just so cool. That site is amazing.

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