Art as Gift II

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Here’s another new collage of mine. I did it for a cheap gift exchange with my friends at

Click the image to see it larger. It’s also been added to my first art page:

Page I   Page II

Reach Out Collage

Tomorrow marks the end of my “art month” but I’m thinking of making 2013 an art year. I owe it to you, I owe it to me. Art is air in my lungs.

ErinArt as Gift II

4 Comments on “Art as Gift II”

  1. Deana

    Hello Erin! I love this collage!!! It’s amazing! I love all of your art, but this piece in particular, I connect with. I’m the girl you met at mindyourmind before interviewing George. It was great to meet you, and I enjoying reading your blog.

    1. daisiesandbruises

      Hey Deana!

      I remember you. You made me feel famous! hehe it was awesome.
      I’m glad you like this collage. I gave it away within an hour or two of making it which was a new experience for me. It was also a big deal for me to finally use that rose – I’d saved it for ages!

      be well!

      ♥ Erin

  2. Jan

    Hi Erin, Jan here, i love your art work,inspired me to do some of my own .Your whole blog has been such a help to me.Dont like to admit it but when my Therapist is away it is hard sometimes Thank you for sharing! Helps us feel less alone.I hope we help you feel supported too.So glad I found your site a year ago. PEACE, Jan

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