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I’ve given crafts as gifts many times before but I can only think of one or two times in my life that I’ve given collages to friends and/or family. This year I was really broke and lacked the energy to find the “perfect” gift so I faced rejection and went ahead anyway. Here’s the collage I gave to my parents in a frame. And yes, it was made during Art Month! They liked it a lot.

Click the image to see it larger. It’s also been added to my second art page:

Page I   Page II

This Was A Good Chance to Find Out

I’m a huge reader so it’s usually really hard for me to cut up book pages for lines of text, but a neglected book at an antique store recently called out to me. It lent me a few phrases to cut out and reuse. :)

ErinArt as Gift

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  1. Kinnery

    My dearest friend! I’m sorry I haven’t been replying to your lovely posts lately; I haven’t found the time to read it at all lately. But now I’ve been sent home from the hospital for 48 hours to think about my recovery, because I had too many slips. I found myself immediately reading your blog, because that’s a self-care activity for me; it’s something that makes me feel good. I read through every post I’ve missed, and I suddenly feel like I can finish this program and recover and live a life worth living, because you’re teaching me how. Thank you so much for that.

    And seeing your art is always a joy. <3

  2. destroythequeen

    I made cards for my family for Christmas. It was an interesting challenge I set myself. I gave them in addition to gifts. I made a card for each person individually, for example one of my brothers loves planes so I drew a Tiger Moth plane, another brother is an astronomy fan so he got a picture of the solar system. I used my favourite pencils of all time: Inktense. Everyone seemed to really like them. I was worried how they’d be received, my brothers aren’t the most supportive of my art endeavors. Here’s to Art Month! (I love collages too, I usually use trashy tabloid type magazines. Can get some nice shapes/body parts/text from those.)

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