George Stroumboulopoulos Interview

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*I have delayed posting this due to the trolls that came out from under their bridges to spam my blog when I last posted about George Stroumboulopoulos. I am leaving comments open on this post for now, and I beg everyone to please ignore the trolls who try to bash the CBC everywhere they can.*

Enjoy the great interview via and George sharing his valuable time with us! Watch the entire thing – it’s long but VERY worthwhile.

Some poignant quotes from George:

“This is it. This has to be good enough for me and part of the way to do that is to just focus on the now.”

“I think the surfers have figured out life. Surfers work really hard to get to a flat spot and then they wait and they wait and they wait and when a wave comes they try to catch it. I’ve never seen a surfer ever try to control a wave. All they try to do is ride through a wave…their own way through. And I think that’s the secret to life. Stop trying to control everything, stop trying to figure things out, there’s nothing to figure out. There just IS. So be a good friend, be a good daughter, be a good husband, be a good son, be a good whatever. If you’re going to leave a mark make it a positive one, and be there for others, that’s kinda it.”

“I’m not an optimistic person in general but I choose to live optimistically regardless because it’s better than the alternative.”

“This is it, health and justice for everybody.”

“You’re never alone, but you’re on your own. You’re never alone, but you’re on your own.”

“I guess success is being able to do tomorrow what you did today because you love it, right?”

ErinGeorge Stroumboulopoulos Interview

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