The Carousel

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I forget if I’ve told you that I live next door to a daycare for preschool-aged children. They play in the yard between my building and theirs, and sometimes I’m lucky enough to catch some of their conversations. As I was stepping off my porch this morning I saw a girl in a pink snow suit sort of lounging by the wall. A boy ran up to her and gasped for breath. She asked in alarm, “What’s wrong?” The boy answered, “It’s just SO MUCH FUN!!!” and then broke into hysterical laughter.

I have so much I want to share with you but each topic deserves its own post. I feel a little like that boy tonight, gasping for breath and taking it all in. I wouldn’t say that I’m having a hysterical amount of fun at the moment but I’m definitely at the sidelines, taking a step off the carousel of life to get my bearings.

A new year beginning can give us that time to reflect, as can birthdays, and endings. I experienced an odd juxtaposition today as I located a brand new place in order to say good-bye to people I hold dear to my heart. I almost missed the building at first because the outside wall perfectly matched the slate January sky. And the good-byes were like most, only with an undercurrent of understanding. We aren’t always so fortunate to get to part from others on the same page.

I wish I could be more specific but it’s not for today, or perhaps any other day in the near future. I think I will be able to understand it better myself as time passes and even then it will be complex, both hurt and healing. One thing about this carousel of life is that we can never see the whole picture because it keeps moving, always.

Are you on your carousel or off? Is it time to take a break or is it time to go around for another spin? Take a moment to breathe and feel the ground beneath your feet or just keep hanging on, trusting those strong hands of yours.

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