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Raise your hand if you don’t like puppies! Anyone?? I assume that none of you dislike puppies, but if I’m wrong, feel free to roll your eyes at the frequency my new puppy is going to appear on this blog in the next few weeks. That said, I won’t blog about my puppy without having some sort of mental health idea behind the entry.

The greatest thing about seeing a baby animal of any sort is that it makes you happy. You either squee with joy over its cute factor or else it is so redonkulous that it makes you laugh. You probably know which category you fit into, and you probably know that I’m one of the squeeing folk.

This afternoon I stood in line at the pharmacy, doing a mini jig and trying to contain myself from bursting out, “I AM GETTING A PUPPY ON FRIDAY!! OMFG!!!! YOU’RE ALL INVITED TO A PUPPY PARTY!!”  (Yes, that’s him in this post’s picture!)

It suddenly dawned on me that I could not remember the last time I’d felt so excited about something. Sure, I recently looked forward to moving into this apartment, but I wasn’t so excited about it that I felt I couldn’t wait. I wasn’t even this excited about getting our family puppy, Milo, six years ago because I wasn’t a dog fanatic then. Milo turned my life upside down and showed me the sunrise. *Cue Angels with Harps*

Okay, stop laughing at me for one minute and think about your own life. When was the last time you stopped what you were doing to fully connect with your emotions? We often stop what we are doing to express our sadness through tears, but happiness can be so fleeting. We often only realize our happiness when it stops.

Happiness scares me because I know it won’t last. I’m definitely feeling that kind of anxiety about my current happiness, too, but I’m going to do something different with it. I’m going to pull my anxiety right out of my head through my ear and tuck it away for later. I’ll put it up on a shelf in my closet.  I know it will be there when I need it, if I need it at all.

I’m recognizing what happiness feels like in my body. My muscles aren’t as tense and my breathing isn’t as shallow as usual. My heart is beating a little faster, too. In fact, today I did more things that I enjoy because I was feeling happy. I painted some furniture and cleaned (without hating it) and then read for a while. Life is brighter when my mood is up and I feel physically lighter. I like this feeling!

Check in with yourself this week to take note of your present emotions. If you aren’t sure how you’re feeling, take cues from your body. Do your feet feel heavy or light? How is your posture? Hold on to any traces of happiness that you find and banish anxieties about it not lasting into the future. The future is later, deal with the now. If you are feeling sadness, accept it and recognize that it’s a necessary tool in dealing with life. If it gets unbearable, then look to the future with hope. Sure, we can’t guarantee the future will be better but we can’t guarantee that it won’t be better, either. If you let yourself fully feel your present emotions, you clear the way for new emotions around the corner.

Life is ever-changing. That’s one thing you can count on. (You can count on puppies, too!)

ErinClear Skies Today

4 Comments on “Clear Skies Today”

  1. Fiona

    Awww, thats the cutest puppt ever ! I would have been wanting to scream and sing and dance and tell everybody too :-) Have you got a name for him yet? xx

    1. daisiesandbruises

      Hey, Fiona! I don’t have a name for my puppy yet but I do have a few tentative ones. Whenever I pick a name for my pets beforehand I end up changing it once I’ve sent a bit of time with them, so this time I’m trying to wait. We’ll see what the little guy likes! I’d let you know as soon as I get the verdict! :D

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