If a Girl Falls in the Woods

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If you don’t leave a footprint, do you exist? If you came and went and no one saw you, does it even matter that you were there?

In high school, either no one called home when I skipped class or else my parents didn’t care if I had. Both my family and my school knew about my mental health problems, so maybe they were trying to cut me a break. My marks were very good so no one had anything to complain about, I suppose. As a result I felt like no one noticed whether I was there or not. I didn’t make the slightest difference. Is it any wonder I didn’t go to university or college?

Skipping a blog post is like skipping anything else. You feel guilty the first time and then after that who cares. If you don’t build it, they won’t come. The readers, I mean. Or if they do come and find no new post, there are only sixty gazillion other sites out there for them to read.

Ugh, I have to kick this apathy because it’s really doing me in, not to mention messing up this blog. I don’t want to disappoint my readers, so some days I might be quiet to avoid doing that. I also don’t want to freak people out. Already my parents are reading between the lines of my blog to somehow catch me before I fall and it’s kind of weird. To my parents and anyone else concerned: I actually fell a long time ago and since then I’ve been getting back up. You can trust me. :)

On bad days especially I update my tumblr with images that inspire me. I suggest that you follow me there if you need more daisies when my posts here have been mainly about bruises. You can check out every single post at a glance here, but it might be a tad overwhelming.

ErinIf a Girl Falls in the Woods

6 Comments on “If a Girl Falls in the Woods”

  1. Prozacblogger

    Oh, man. You’re being way to hard on yourself.

    This post was a great way of letting your readers know what to expect. And that is the key to keeping your blog alive. If you’re going away, let your readers know! And it won’t be a problem. And it isn’t a problem that you don’t regularly update!

    I think you’re doing a great job! And it does matter what you do and when you do it. Maybe not to the people that you want it matter to, but to someone else. Or yourself!

  2. Regina

    honey, do what you need to do. i don’t think there’s one person on here who doesn’t understand the need to just rest sometimes. and i think you’re leaving your footprint on the world in a big and conscious way. i know i’ve been changed knowing you. thank you for that.

  3. Andrea

    For the record, I do notice when you haven’t written anything, and it’s because I enjoy reading your blog.
    Yet again, you have brought up a great point. Struggling with whether to push yourself to write as a way to cope and find balance and truth in what you’re experiencing, and just giving yourself a break and allowing yourself to rest from that. To push, or to rest? Trust me, your readers will get it if you need to distance yourself from time to time.

  4. Prozacblogger

    Hey! One question :)

    Would you add me to your blogroll?

    I’ve added yours a long time ago and I just noticed I have never asked you to add mine.


    My info:
    Name: Journal of a Male Childhood Abuse Survivor
    Link: http://prozacblogger.com

    Thank you!


    – Prozacblogger

    PS. Look at the great responses of Regina and Andrea. See! You’re being way to hard on yourself :) I think it’s awesome to know you :)

    1. daisiesandbruises

      Yes, I’m sorry! I don’t have a blogroll at the moment except for links to my other personal sites and I need to set aside some time to work it into my layout as a separate section.

  5. Roma

    Don’t worry Erin, we like reading your thoughts. I know that it’s easier said than done, but don’t worry about writing how you feel. There will be people who like it and agree, and those who don’t – no one can please everyone.

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